2 things I'm in

I’m in the next Book Slam annual, Too Much Too Young.

Too Much too Young’ features new and exclusive stories from David Nicholls, Marina Lewycka, Jesse Armstrong, Patrick Neate, Diana Evans, Emylia Hall, Nikesh Shukla, Jeremy Dyson, Craig Taylor, Salena Godden, Jackie Kay, and Chris Cleave.

My story, ‘Safe From Harm’ (Massive Attack) charts a friendship group falling apart and growing apart as they get older and forget the niceties of their childhood days.

Each short story is inspired by a song title – a nod to Book Slam’s drive to champion live music as well as literature.  ‘Too Much Too Young’ is a unifying theme, with many authors touching on youthful experience and nostalgic (and not so nostalgic) reminiscence, from Jackie Kay’s beautifully moving story, ‘Every Time We Say Goodbye’, documenting a couple in the last throes of love to Chris Cleave’s ‘We’ll Meet Again’, a heartbreaking portrayal of dementia.

‘Too Much Too Young’ will be available in print, digital and audio editions. The print edition is a bespoke publication of considerable beauty – a limited edition hardback, individually numbered and signed by every contributor.

 Limited Edition: £20; Ebook: £1.99; Audio: £2.99

I’m also in this anthology of poems: ‘Where Rockets Burn Through’ with Ross Sutherland and Joe Dunthorne and loads more. It’s a book of science fiction poems. My one is called ‘Capsule’ and it’s about resurrecting lost loves and dead family members in digital spaces. Get it here