Things I like for January

I forgot to do some sort of yearly review for 2012. If I did, it would be something along the lines of, I did lots of writing and I got better at writing.

But, anyway, it being 2013, I think it's best I look forward, so here's the first of my monthly things I like...

1) The stuff I'm working on: I'm working on novel 2, it's going well; I'm working on a new podcast with an awesome writer, it's going to be nerdy as heckins; I'm working on 4 scripts, 3 with other writers and 1 with me; I've spent a lot of last year writing about food or writing short stories. I'm hoping you can see some of that soon.

2) The Explorer by James Smythe: I know I'm not supposed to really tell you what it's about but sod it, this is the book that got me reading science fiction again. It's brilliant. It's about a journalist trapped in a spaceship by himself, having just watched his entire crew die. There are temporal anomalies, vortexes, loops, parallel universes, alternate timelines and one of the most claustrophobic tales about space being that place where, you know,  no one can hear you scream - it's completely brilliant. It's written by my lovely new friend, James Smythe, who has some involvment in things mentioned in item 1. He's a charming brilliant man and you should follow his tweets

3) Safety Not Guaranteed: Finally, a film that marries everything I love - indie hipster romances, delicate acoustic soundtracks, comedy, hilariously nerdy Indian guys, time machines and Aubrey Plaza... it's really great. It's about some magazine hacks who decide to track down the author of a classified ad who claims he can time travel. What happens next... well, it's all to a charming delicate acoustic indie soundtrack.

4) Wild Water Kingdom by Heems: Even though Das Racist sadly split up last month, Heems shows no sign of stopping or slowing down. Here, he shows his gruff side, his introspective side, his angry side, his vulnerable side. Wild Water Kingdom is very Heems and not very Das Racist. The beats are stuttering, lo-fi, loud, grimey and raw; the rapping is urgent and tonally diverse. Heems spits on everything from depression to aggression, from politics to human rights to travelling to New York to love. It'sa great mixtape from a great, versatile rapper  

5) Roti Chai: There's a lot of great Indian restaurants in London town. There's even a lot of the ol' street foody places in the ol London Town. Roti Chai is a new favourite. Lollipop chicken drumsticks dipped in coriander chutney; fish curry on a bed of thick puri; chicken wings burning with tamarind and spice; chilli paneer that tastes like it's been barbecued for hours to perfection. It's bloody expensive, I ain't gonna lie, but it's tasty.

Plug: Once I stupidly asked my friend Josie Long if I could attempt stand-up at her Camden clubnight The Lost Treasures of the Black Heart. I talked about R Kelly and how he'd lost touch with reality. There's now evidence on the internet I did stand-up. I can't bring myself to listen to it. But you can, here