Things I like for February

The main thing I like is my pretence that I can keep a regular blog. I can't. I mean, this is 14 days late. What am I doing wrong?

Things I like for February are...

Books I read recently: Battleborn by Claire Vaye Watkins (a collection of short stories that really make America seem big, and sparse, and lonely, and full of strangers in a foreign land); 

The best book I've read recently is A Working Theory of Love, by Scott Hutchins, which is a great mediation on love and artificial intelligence, and how to humanise technology. Add to this, forthcoming books The Machine by my homey James Smythe (which I blurbed, so I won't repeat myself here), The Humans by Matt Haig (which is about an alien-eye view of England. It's sad and funny and brilliantly observed) and Give Me Everything You Have by James Lasdun, a contraversial but well-timed memoir about techno-terrorism and online bullying, and being stalked.

The very brilliant Riz Ahmed stars in the film of one of the best books of the last decade, The Reluctant Fundamentalist. He is impeccably talented and will make a terrific Changez.

And while we're on the subject of talented friends... here's Engine Earz Experiment with Foreign Beggars.

That's it, really.