Early Morning Writing Crew

I write every morning between 6am and 7.30am. Then I go to my dayjob.

Join me from tomorrow - we can write and we can go about our daily lives - all it takes is one hour less in bed and a quicker breakfast (maybe not a full episode of 'Frasier' before work). Ninety minutes of pure concentration when there's no one to arse about with on Twitter, it's quiet and you're waking up from dreamworld, so your mind is freer than when you're tired after a day of hard graft.

I have two months to do a major redraft of my third novel. I don't have a deadline for it. I just need to do it this year. And I can - all it takes is being part of the Early Morning Writing Crew.

If you wanna join me, let me know how you got on every morning on Twitter at 7.35am. #emwcrew @nikeshshukla.

Let's write, dude.