Nikesh's short stories have appeared in magazines like Transmission, Litro Magazine, Bad Idea Magazine, Tell Tales, Book Club Boutique newspaper, The Ranfurly Review, Nutshell magazine, The Asian Writer and more.

Here are links to newer ones:

'The Subaltern's Guide to Time Travel' (featured in Guernica Magazine) 2013

'Canute' (featured in Best British Short Stories 2013) 2013

'Get Your Ass to Mars' (featured in Five Dials issue 28D) 2013

'The Man with the Golden Arm' (featured in Teller Magazine issue 3)  2013

'In Situ' (featured in The Moth Magazine issue 12) 2013 

'Safe From Harm' (featured in Book Slam volume 2: Too Much Too Young) 2012

'Foods Suki Won't Eat (runner-up in And Other Stories competition) 2012

'Singing the Cancer Out' (blog ) 2012

'Canute' (featured in First City Magazine, Delhi) 2012

'To Mum' (featured in The Sunday Times) 2012

'Iron Nose' (featured in Too Asian Not Asian Enough) 2011

'Confirm/Ignore' (featured on BBC Radio 4) 2011

'Two Dosas' (featured in Shortfire Press) 2011


 'Rhyming Slang is nang; (Guardian ) 2013

'Why wasn't Waterstones looted?' (Guardian) 2012

'Top ten Anglo-Asian authors' (Guardian) 2012