I am represented by Julia Kingsford and Charlie Campbell (books) at Kingsford Campbell, Georgina Ruffhead (film/TV) at David Higham Associates and Jason Richman/Jasmine Lake at UTA. If your email is about:
1) Interviews or events: please can you email my publicist at Atlantic, Kirsty Doole if it is about The One Who Wrote Destiny. My publicist for Run, Riot is Emily Thomas

** please note: I am no longer doing events about 'whether we need diversity in publishing' or 'whether racism is bad/real'. I chaired the last ever panel on diversity in publishing on 23rd March 2017. It was emotional. **
2) Film/TV projects: please can you email my film/TV agent
3) Books: please can you email my book agent 
4) Journalism/essay commissions: use the form below. I promise I'll get back to you. If your initial email doesn't contain the deadline/fee, please can you reply with that as it's always helpful.
5) Help finding BAME writers for your project: sorry to be snarky but don't be lazy! Do your own research!

6) Why you think my work is racist cos I talk about race or why I'm the worst writer ever and you can't believe I've been given a platform by x, y and z, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Email me sure, but seriously... keep it.

For everything else, use the form below.

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