I am represented by Julia Kingsford and Charlie Campbell (books) at Kingsford Campbell, Georgina Ruffhead (film/TV) at David Higham Associates and Jason Richman/Jasmine Lake at UTA. If your email is about:
1) Interviews: please can you email my publicist at Atlantic, Kirsty Doole if it is about The One Who Wrote Destiny. My publicist for Run, Riot and The Boxer is Emily Thomas. The publicists for The Good Immigrant USA are Lena Little (USA) and Millie Seaward (UK).

2) Film/TV projects: please can you email my film/TV agent

3) Books: please can you email my book agent

4) Journalism/essay commissions: I promise I'll get back to you. If your initial email doesn't contain the deadline/fee, please can you reply with that as it's always helpful.

5) Bio/Photo: download both from here

6) Representation with The Good Literary Agency: I'm not answering any correspondence about The Good Literary Agency at this address. Go to the website

7) Submissions for The Good Journal: Submissions for the final issue have passed. Go to the website

8) Sending me a book: well, hey now, I love a free book. Please send it to Nikesh Shukla, Pervasive Media Studio, Watershed, 1 Canon's Road, Bristol, BS1 5TX. And thanks in advance!

9) Requesting a blurb/endorsement for your book/project: currently, I don't have any time to consider blurbs and endorsements. Sorry.

10) Events: please ensure that within the (short) request is details of date, time, travel time from Bristol, fee and travel reimbursement, and what you'd like me to do.

For everything else, use the form below.

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